Underground Water Tanks Available in Melbourne

One of our underground water tanks in Melbourne

In the trying times we live in, it’s important to be prepared for anything. Using our underground water tanks, you can collect wastewater or rainwater to prevent flooding and contamination on your property.

At Hendrikx Concrete, we supply water tanks for the commercial and agricultural industries. We even deliver underground water tanks to homeowners in Melbourne.

Benefits of Our Underground Water Tanks

Our water tanks are designed specifically for underground use. The design of the tank allows it to retain its strength and structure underground without disturbing the surrounding soil.

An underground tank is an intelligent option for collecting wastewater or rainwater without taking up the storage space that you need for other items. We supply our water tanks with an access hatch so you can have quick access to your water tank when needed.

We can even add a riser to the tank so you can access it from the ground. If you require more than one water tank in the same location, we can add fittings to connect the water tanks.

We offer a variety of different water tanks in different sizes to meet your needs. All are built from concrete designed to retain water. Our water tanks are very affordable, and our delivery and supply process is simple and fast.

Count On Hendrikx Concrete

As a family-owned business, we’ve served businesses and families in Melbourne since 1970. Over the years, our company has grown from a small septic service to a thriving business.

We use three crane trucks to deliver our underground water tanks throughout Melbourne’s metropolitan and agricultural areas. We can travel to many other locations from our office on the Princes Highway at Officer.

Call us today on (03) 59432 321 to order underground water tanks in Melbourne. 

About Us

Hendrikx Concrete is a family owned business, established in 1970, which has grown from small beginings.
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